Pool Resurfacing Cost Breakdown

Pool Resurfacing Cost

No small endeavours are needed when it is about making your pool look like a brand new one along with its perfect condition….. Perhaps this is something all pool owners understand. If you have an in ground pool then resurfacing it may need to be done every 10 years.

This will not only extend the pool life but keep it in the best functional condition. Similar to the many pool maintenance processes, resurfacing could be slightly expensive. But you are left with several options, and just need to select one according to your preferences and budget.

Be it any pool type and size, we will leave you sorted and much educated as you read below.

The following topics are covered in the write-up.

Average Cost of Pool Resurfacing

If you want to resurface a pool in the United States then the cost will be around $7,000 for every 1,000 square feet. Not only this, there are other underlying factors such as the terrain you stay, your pool type, and for a quality resurfacing job you may need to pay somewhere between $1,500 to $100,000.

Both material costs and labor need to be considered while you calculate your budget. For a perfect job you may always need the help of a professional (normally labor costs an hour- $45 and $65). A contractor may resurface a pool in 1-2 weeks on an average for $3000 approx.

Cost of material will always overrule the labor costs. For basic plaster this may be around $1000 and for designer tiling $50,000.

Let us go through the restoration and resurfacing types which you can do and what they will cost on an average basis:

In ground vs. Above-Ground Restoration

In ground set-up could be slightly difficult than an above-ground one. All kinds of swim pool equipment are readily accessible that will make your repairs and replacements super easy.

The above-ground pool may cost around $10 to patch and if it is a complete area then $1700 to replace completely. Looking at the other side of the coin the in ground pools cost on an average of $20 to patch and for resurfacing then $5000.

Note: The cost may vary according to the pool type you own.

There may be chances that the replacing of both the base and surface may be needed for your in-ground pool. Along with the material and all you may need to pay around $35,000 to $65000 for the entire task.

fiberglass pool resurfacing cost

Resurfacing a Fiberglass Pool

If you are a proud owner of a superior-quality fiberglass pool then resurfacing won’t be required often. This pool type promisingly serves you for years and the resurfacing may require $7,500 for parts and labor.

You get many popular finish choices with varying costs.


For painting a medium-sized pool you will need to spend $1,500 and by your DIY route you can save some dollars too. Painting is an option used by many pool owners. Though we do not advise you to go with this choice as this leaves the pool with cracks and the repairs may be needed often.


This choice is more expensive than the first option and provides ample protection with a classic look too.

Most of the pool plasters comprise of – sand, cement, and water but there are some high-end mixtures that comprise of marble aggregate. By just spending $7000 to $ 10,000 you will be in a position to finish your task.


Those of you who have aesthetics on your cards, then aggregate is the most desired choice. You can easily treat quartz, glass beads, bed of pebbles etc., in place of a plain concrete pool surface.

Per project Diamond Brite may cost $5000 approx. while other brands like PebbleSheen, BeadCrete, and Pebble Tec may cost around $9,000 to $13,000 for installation. You get decent warranties and these high-grade brands requires minimum maintenance.


This is another impressive and durable choice for your concrete pool. Without the help of a professional you can easily replace single tiles. If you opt for a DIY patch-up job, this would cost about $50 in materials and time.

Be it refinishing or tiling task for your pool, the cost you will have to incur is $30,000. The area which needs to be covered will also dictate your decision for the same. Porcelain tiling will cost you approximately $4 per sq. ft. and if it is ceramic then this will be $6 per sq. ft.

If you prefer glass tiles then be ready to pay $25 per sq. ft.

Still want to save some money, then sticking to an accent tiling is just what is required. Underwater portions can always be treated using an affordable paint or an economical material etc.

Resurfacing a Vinyl Pool

This is one of the commonest preferred choices as the vinyl sheet perfectly fits around the surface of the pool and normally seals around the deck. If you consider vinyl then it is more flexible over concrete and more budget-friendly than fiberglass.

The liners tend to serve you for a good number of years and after you use them for long they tend to warp and wear leaving spot patches, imperfections, and small tears. If you see any visible leaks, then it’s time to replace.

For materials patching a vinyl pool will cost you around $100- $500. In e vinyl you hire professionals, this may cost you some more. In both material and labor, the vinyl liner will cost about $1,000 to $3,500. The costs may further increase with pool refilling and restocking chemicals.

Making the Switch to Fiberglass

Some of us switch to fiberglass as this is a more durable option than the vinyl. But they need more time for installation and are remarkably more costly. If it is about maintain then then you can take a sign of relief. The procedure will turn out to be as costly as $50,000 and $65,000.

Swimming Pool Remodeling

When you are in the process of resurfacing the pool then fine-tuning your set-up is the most important thing which should be done. Many of the pool owners prefer to add luxury features while pool resurfacing.

how much does pool resurfacing cost

Water Heaters

If your pool doesn’t own a water heating facility then installing a pool heater is the wisest step to take for experiencing the most comfortable temperatures.

Thanks to the latest tech that leaves you with a plethora of options to choose from:

Though the cost will vary for all and this may cost you approx. $1,000 to $8,500 (depends on pool size & type).

Lighting Choices

After dusk, good lighting becomes a mandatory feature for your pool and as long as your pool integrates electrical lines, then you can conveniently add subsurface lighting for around $900.

You can also comprise upgrades like color-changing or dimmable lights.

Water Features

Classy attributes like a waterfall or a fountain add much aesthetics to your swim pool. This also accelerates the water circulation around the pool.

Over here, design, size, and complexity will dictate your expenses- average cost $7,500.

Pool Decks

Some of the pools have designer pool decks around them and due to pool water they may be exposed to a lot of wear and tear. Resurfacing the pool may cost you on an average of $10 per sq. ft.

Additional options to enhance comfort, safety, and style will cost you much more instead (color stain- $4 per sq. ft., decorative outlays $10 per sq. ft., concrete sample or stencil will normally cost $15 per sq. ft.)

Ladders & Steps

Easy and safe way to step into the pool, of course the ladders and steps add a lot more to it. Depending on the material used, this will cost you about $6000 and tile or aggregate finish will add to some more expenses.

Jetted Hot Tub

An awesome way to relax in the chill eves with your loved ones and friends, a spa adds to your happiness quotient.

Jetted hot tub (in ground) will cost about $5000, just ensure that you do the right hook-ups.

Infinity View

Trending these days, infinity view is liked by many. This can be seen in homes with all sizes and shapes.

For example, if you use an edge that flushes with the water, infinity view makes it appear like a beautiful merger into the horizon. You also get fabulous views while you swim.

An infinity design when you upgrade your pool will cost you about $35,000 – average. Since, this is the elemental part of your pool design, so you need to start with the basics in a lot many ways.


Whatever your budget may be a resurfaced pool is surely going to add some meaningful years to your swim pool.in appearance, classy finish, and durability aspect, you will be left with the best!!

Happy swim hours…………guys

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