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Skim A Round Reviews

Skim-a-round is an essential piece of equipment for the upkeep of every residential pool.

These work brilliantly to keep the deepest of pools clean by filtering the unwelcome debris and dirt off the pool.

But making a choice of right Skim-a-round combos is of utmost importance to check any sort of rubble entering your pool plumbing system causing damage or blockage?

Other than making your pool look sparkling clean, it helps to extend the pool filter’s life too. The skim-a-round, unlike the fixed wall skimmers, continue to work as the water-level fluctuates and clear all the unnecessary debris from the pool floor.

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Best Skim A Round Reviews - A Quick Comperison


skim around original pool skimmer reviews

Fast Dry


Variable Speed


skim a round all in one amazon


Reduces Workload

Cleaning Made Easy

Vac Attachment

skim-a-round ultimate review

Easy to Install

Moves Randomly

Upgraded Model


skim a round pro model

Catch Leaves

Strainer Basket

Polypropylene Plastic

4 Top Rated Skim A Round Reviews

1. Skim-Around- "All-In-One"

An excellent wall skimmer designed to reduce the amount of debris floating in the pool. It has some of the unique features not found in ordinary baskets.

The ability to pull debris from the surface and floor of the inground pool efficiently helps to keep it clean throughout without experiencing any problem.

It has several notches that help the velocity ring to regulate the flow of the water where the lower notch encourages maximum flow.

The velocity ring has a gap between it and the skimmer box allowing water to flow through the gap. Also, this model comes with three different velocity rings. This allows you to choose the one that perfectly matches your existing basket size.

Skim-a-round all in one basket is really easy to assemble and fit it in the water point. Besides that, the skim-a-round model perfectly fits into the existing skimming housing; hence, there is no need for further renovation saving you a couple of hundred dollars.

Looking for durability, you’ll notice that the materials behind the construction of the skimmer basket are of high-quality and long-lasting. But that’s not all! This model does not travel across the pool or attached to any vacuum floor — this helps to improve its performance when it comes to trapping leaves and other debris.


  • Quite easy to regulate water flow.
  • Simple to assemble in the skimmer basket.
  • Relatively affordable.
  • Ensure the pool floor, and the surface is clean.


  • Suitable for in-ground pools only.

2. Skim Around "Original"

The Skim A Round original is not a typical pool surface skimmer basket. One appreciable thing about the skim around floating pool skimmer is that it can also be plugged directly into the bottom hole of the existing wall skimmer on the pool.

Apart from that, the stand-alone Skim-A-Round original pool skimmer can extend 8 ft. from the wall and start to clean the surface from either side.

Another good thing about the Skim-A-Round original design is the value for money. The design causes a drastic increase in surface water speed, which allows the debris to be pulled despite being from a greater distance.

The unique engineering and design of the pool skimmer make it more durable than the standard in-wall skimmers. That’s not all! The pool skimmer will work the whole day slowly even when the level of water fluctuates — this helps to keep the pool pump in good condition for an extended period.

The sizable full-size basket on the pool skimmer helps to collect plenty of debris from the surface. Lastly, setting up this is quite easy and straightforward as you can just check out how it works!


  • Ideal in-ground or above ground pool cleaner.
  • Work throughout despite water level fluctuation.
  • Eliminate all kinds of debris effectively.
  • Has high water velocity due to unique engineering and design.


  • Relatively expensive.

3. Skim Around As A Vac Attachment

We included Skim-A-Round as a vacuum attachment pool skimmer for one good reason.

We picture that you may need a robotic or solar pool skimmer that moves all around the surface, pulling the debris.Such a pool skimmer may only need to be attached to the existing suctioned-powered floor.

It will have to move around alone and collect debris into a full-size skim around basket.

Firstly, the most convenient thing is that the unique engineering and design help to increase the water velocity (essential for cleaning).

Secondly, super cleaning is something that you are going to enjoy since the vacuum attachment eliminates more debris from the water surface (than the in-wall skimmer).

Besides that, the pool skimmer can vacuum simultaneously. This is something that makes it stand out from other standard pool skimmers. The instructions on how to set up the pool skimmer are quite clear and straightforward to follow as you can see this yourself.

This makes the entire process of assembling quite more comfortable and faster. Lastly, this model comes with one floating skimmer, one vacuum hook-up kit, and a single full debris basket kit and debris trap.


  • Quite useful when eliminating debris on the water surface.
  • Has high water velocity due to the unique engineering design.
  • Ability to vacuum simultaneously.


  • Relatively costly.
  • Lack of floor vacuum kit.

4. Skim Around Ultimate

The skim around pool skimmer ultimately serves two purposes: one is pool water surface cleaner and other is pool floor vacuum cleaner. Whether an in-ground or above-ground pool you can use it for both.

The two applications come in-hand since Skim-A-Round ultimate is a cocktail of original and VAC attachment pool skimmers.

This allows you to decide whether to use a pool vacuum cleaner and floor surface cleaner.

This combo ensures that you have crystal clear water by removing any form of debris found on both the floor and the surface. The best thing is that the unique engineering and design maximizes water velocity, thus being able to eliminate floating debris. Besides that, the vacuum attachment helps to clean the floor, and results in the improvement of the lifespan of the pool pump.

One thing that makes the combo stand out from others is the 285 cubic inch basket, for collecting debris. Lastly, this comes with several kits such as floating skimmer, in-line valve for a vacuum attachment, two-foot horse for direct wall hook-up, air-tight connection, debris trap, standard connector, and more.


  • Ideal for both skimming and vacuuming.
  • Has a large debris basket.
  • Useful in cleaning the water surface and floor.


  • Quite expensive to acquire.

WHICH ONE IS BETTER? Skim-a-round VS Skimdoctor

Skim around VS Skimdoctor

Skim-a-round all in one is an amazing product with great features which works efficiently to minimize the number of unwanted particles in your pool. Unique features are a part of this model and several gorges help in regulating the water velocity passing through it.

The velocity ring plays a major role in increasing water velocity.

This is:

  1. Easy to set-up
  2. Designed for energy efficiency
  3. Durable
  4. Affordable

The only limitation is, it is confined to be used in an in-ground pool only.

The Skim doctor 2.0 is another product which uses the newest technology for creating a vortex skimmer basket resulting in increased surface water velocity.

The inner slot of the skimdoctor is narrower which aids in increasing the water flow in your skimmer. Since, it is quintessential to be aware of the fact that water speed and energy savings need to be considered before you buy a skimmer. And a faster rate than others is provided by the Skim doctor 2.0.

The item also allows you to unscrew the tip for emptying the basket. So using and cleaning becomes all the more easy (need not put hand in dirt for basket removal).

Some more additional features like two gates, manual plate, and adjustability with other popular brands also make the product appreciable.

Bottom line:

Both these products are from some great brands with incredible features. Both have been used and appreciated by its users too. It’s a matter of your preference and choice which one you select for your in-ground pool.

Skim-A-Round Protects Pool Pump

Pool pumps, many of them get damaged if they run without water. There could be reasons such as leaks, or evaporation and the water level going below the skimmer’s opening. With low water-levels the pump may begin to pull air thereby taking it into the system.

The best thing about a skimmer is that it has a design that’s air-tight and by connecting into the wall skimmer this floats on water. And this way even if the water level is low, the air sucking doesn’t take place.

Henceforth, the skim-a-round are effective devices that work well to remove the leaves, dirt, and debris from the surface of pool water and are designed even when the water level tends to be low.

All your worries of the risk of the pump running dry, or any leaks, clogs in the skimmer basket…. don’t worry as the skim-a-round solves all sorts of such problems. Refilling the pool isn’t an emergency if you use a skim-a-round for your pool.

Final Verdict About these Cleaner Combos.

If you find yourself still tossing the mind on the ocean about what is the best Skim-A-Round to buy? We feel your pain. We did our best to review the best skim-a-round pool skimmers. It would be fair if we told you our final verdict of what we know about the best model.

From our research and testing of these Skim-A-Round models, we find the Skim-A-Round Ultimate to be an excellent choice. From the ability to remove debris both on the water surface and pool floor. We are confident that it is the perfect choice for your swimming pool though it might be a little expensive.

So, make a confident purchase and enjoy a dip in a CLEAN COOL POOL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can Skim-a-round Be Used For An Above Ground Pool?

Ans1. The winning answer is ‘Yes’. You can use the Skim-a-round original as Vac Attachment and the ‘Ultimate’ can also be plugged-in straight away into any 1.5 inch or 2 inch suction line. You can also attach it to any suction-powered vacuum.

Q2. What Is The Function Of A Skim-a-round?

Ans2. The ‘All-In-One’ is the latest model of Skin-A-Round which is wonderfully engineered to transform your current wall skimmer. The product is uniquely shaped which will cause the surface water near the wall skimmer to move quicker thereby increasing the ‘pulling distance’ of your wall skimmer.

Q3. Is It Worth It To Invest In A Skim-a-round?

Ans3. Yes, if you are interested in buying skim-a-round then this product will live upto your expectations. This is absolutely easy-to-use and clean and minimizes the number of unwanted particles in your pool.

The features are unique which help in cleaning the debris beneath and above your in-ground pool.

Q4. What Is The Prime Function Of A Skim-a-round?


Q5. How Much Time Does It Consume To Receive Skim?

Ans5. Most of the orders that are placed on a Monday – Friday are processed and shipped within 1 to 2 business days. If you place an order on Friday then this may start to be processed on a Monday with shipping in 1 to 2 days. In certain cases the processing time could take longer

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