Smart Bot Pump Reviewed

Smart Bot has created a myriad of water pumps to take care of the user’s varied needs. It justifies its name as designed to perfection using the latest technologies.

This mini marvel is small yet mighty, as claimed by the company. However, it’s a higher-priced one than its competitors but works like a pro.

Is All This True!

Let’s read all about this gadget that promises to work and make people’s lives easier by providing reliable and efficient water removal.

A Tour Of The Features & Related Benefits Of The Smart Bot Submersible Water Pump:

Smart Bot Submersible Water Pump 2800


  • Motor: 1/2 HP
  • Max Flow Rate: 2800 GPH
  • Hydraulic Head: 25 FT
  • Auto Flo: Auto On/Off
  • Knock Over Operation
  • Dry Run Protection
  • Smart and Portable
  • 6 opts (2*2”,1-1⁄2”,1-1⁄4”,1”, 3⁄4”)

Smart Bot Water Pump 2800
  1. Mighty And Quick

Compared to the other water pumps the Smart Bot works 1.4 times faster. The pump features an open impeller with a flow rate of 2800 GPH (gallons per hour) with a lift capacity of 25 ft…

The most significant benefit is that this submersible water pump is designed to make the standing water vanish in minutes, eradicating the flooding danger.

  1. Saves Time & Efforts

The bot pump boasts of the auto-flo sensing technology to detect rising water levels and instantly pump it out, removing the water damage risks.

As soon as the auto-flo sensing technology discovers a water level of 2″ then the water pump is turned on immediately. Later when the water level drops down to normal, Auto-Flo closes the pump, protecting it from any motor burns because of dry running.

  1. Portable And Smart

The intelligent bot is small yet robust and stays highly portable with dimensions of 8 * 7 * 10 inches. You can carry it anywhere from the basement to the pool area.

The extra water is effectively drained out from silos that are flood-affected, roofs, drainage wells, rainwater collection tanks, etc.

  1. Dry Run safety & Knock Over Operation

Even if the intelligent bot is knocked over, this will work instantly if the water level is high and shuts down automatically when the water level comes to normal if it experiences a blockage or the water level is lower than the impeller.

Eventually, there are minor or no chances of machine failure as the sensor works efficiently to prevent such issues.

  1. Amazing 6 Adaptors

The pump accessories with six adaptors – (2*2″,1-1⁄2″,1-1⁄4″,1″, 3⁄4″), and based on the requirements you can use to drain water. To accomplish water pumping of a maximum – 2800 GPH, the most significant 2″ water pipes with 2″ adapter will be needed and the hose being of 2″.

As I have mentioned previously also the Smart Bot is crafted to tackle varied water types such as lake water, spring water, clear water, etc.

Smartbot Submersible Water Pump 3600


  • Motor: 1/2 HP
  • Max Flow Rate: 3600 GPH
  • Hydraulic Head: 30 FT
  • Auto Flo: Auto On/Off
  • Knock Over Operation
  • Dry Run Protection
  • Smart and Portable
  • 6 opts (2*2”,1-1⁄2”,1-1⁄4”,1”, 3⁄4”)

Smartbot Water Pump 3600

Smart Bot Pumps VS RainBro Pumps

As the name suggests, Smart Bot pumps are manufactured with brilliant engineering using the latest technology. Rain Bro is one of its competitors, but there are specific differences between them that make Smart Bot a winner.

The Rain Bro pumps have greater chances to get rusted with time and use than the former and cannot hold saltwater.

Though both the pumps can be used for various water types, Rain Bro is not the right tool for tackling a Koi pond.

Smart Bot pumps sense water in no time and works much faster than Rain Bro pump. Some users have complained about the Rain Bro pump consuming more time than directed.

Somehow the adapters of Smart Bot could be slightly smaller, but above all, it’s loved by the users.

Verified User Reviews:

Read on what the actual users of the pump say…

According To Marie Tostenson:

It is pretty functional, compact-sized, and super easy to use.

According To Timothy Andrew:

He felt pretty safe as the pump worked promisingly well during the backup to pump out the extra water in just no time.

According To Funbear:

Pumps brilliantly!

The pump is strongly built, and with a 3/4″ hose, the plausible draining was close to 800 gallons per hour. If the hose is running upward, then do not expect a similar show as more head pressure is there.

This user highly recommends this as it runs even when knocked over and is the best submersible pump ever.

According To City Ice & Fuel Oil Co.

He had a Koi pond outdoors and had used a variety of pumps over the years for cleaning and draining its sections regularly. The user found it the best to use, and the size + storage is elementary.

The built quality of the pump is strong, and the variety of adapters is of great use. It pushes more than indicated, so pretty mighty to use. The user rates it as better than others, with a product rating of 5 stars.

Final Thoughts:

A good submersible pump is a must-have for those who want to get rid of the extra water, as this could plausibly lead to immense damage to their property or otherwise.

Smart Bot is a good option, and you can rely on the product after reading the above write-up and believing, especially those who have used this.

This one works great, owns suitable accessories, and is smartly designed, making your world comfier.