Best Solar Pool Cover Reels Reviews

Covering a pool with a solar cover reel is like providing a protection cover that can keep your pool clean, safe and healthy. Undoubtedly, these pool covers work marvelously for domestic and commercial pools and prevent evaporation of water during hot summer months along with keeping the dirt and debris away from your pool.

Thanks to the intelligent technology that has made it so simple and easy to cover the pool by just unrolling with a convenient DIY method. The reels are handy and can be used simply by one person only on a regular basis, while taking care of the pool.

If you are confused, then keep your queries at bay as we introduce you to the best solar cover reel for pools in this article.

Best Solar Cover Reels For Inground Pools

1. VINGLI Pool Cover Reel Set

The Pool Cover Reel set is one that can be used for easy rolling and assembly. This is a stable and bigger cover reel that shows immense durability. The VIGNLI has an embedded link design with straps that enables easy rolling and is convenient too. This also features a lockable telescopic tube that thwarts the shaking while you use this. The elevated design brings more convenience and is better than those that sit on the ground. A reel with a great balance that allows easy roll-up.

VINGLI Pool Cover Reel

This is a construction that is rust fee and durable and has no maintenance hassles attached. Comes with an aluminum pipe design with 3-sections that doesn’t let it drop with a reel tube design that is grooved and prevents the straps to fall off. This is made with solid tires that are very durable and makes your task easier. This is best suited for kiddie pools of 14 ft. to 18 ft. and is suitable for pools of all types. The best part it this can fit on the pools of varied shapes such as the bean shape, odd shaped, rectangular, oyster shaped pool and more. The cover can be cut to fit any pool size and shape from different points from stopping water to evaporate along with keeping it clean.


  • This is a durable pool cover that is stable and enables easy rolling
  • The pool cover shows anti-rust quality and prevents water evaporation from your pool
  • Is suitable to fit on any pool
  • Makes your life easier and requires least maintenance
  • The design is Eco-friendly


  • Lacks company support

2. Automatic Solar Blanket Cover Reel/Roller

The Automatic Solar pool cover reel is an equipment that exhibits power and can rotate 70 lbs with water logged solar blanket and can be rolled up with ease, by just pushing a button. This should be operated carefully and the owner should take precautions such as use of no loose clothing and hair should be there in order to avoid any entanglement and unauthorised use should be prevented. For avoiding any kind of electric hazards any kind of charger shouldn’t be used on the pool side.

Automatic Solar Blanket Cover Reel

The company provides warranty but with some rules attached, as in case of tempering, misuse, damaged then the warranty may be void. But rest assured you can buy this with utmost confidence and make full use of it. This one isn’t dependent on any Grid-Energy and doesn’t require any garden hoses, cords and works on free solar energy. There are no risks attached for any kind of electrocution with this product. This is manufactured with latest technology that is environmentally conscious. This one can easily roll up from a pool of 20 x 40’ and is ¼ “thick. You can roll it up 2 to 3 times when the days are sunny and bright. Also features a hand held remote controller that and also has an indoor battery charger for summer months.


  • The poll cover reel that works on solar energy that’s free
  • This is constructed with advanced and environmentally conscious technology
  • The solar cover is not Grid-Energy dependent
  • The manufacturer gives one-year warranty


  • Works well, no cons as such

3. Aqua Splash Pool Solar Cover Blanket Reel

The Aqua Splash swimming pool cover reel is extremely easy to use and weighs less. The end of reel and the handles of Aqua Splash are made of polyethylene and has tubes with 3” aluminum thrusts. You can roll it easily like a breeze as this is equipped with wide track bearings. This comes with three sizes for pools of width of 12’ to 20’ and length of 40’. The reel ends and cover come in taupe color. This comes with an easy mounting feature and can be mounted on a wall or deck. The durable bases provide more stability to it.

Aqua Splash In Ground Swimming Pool Solar Cover Blanket Reel

This one comes with a complete hardware and attachment kit for proper storage and convenience. A manufacturer’s coverage of 5-years is another added feature that makes the deal appear lucrative. For additional structural support the rib locking design that forms the part of the telescoping tubes brings more stability and provides resistance to any sags in the middle of the cover. The product has a 3-year warranty and a good one to invest in.


  • The reel makes the putting on and off of the solar blanket with ease
  • This can be easily mounted on a wall or a deck
  • Comes with an attachment kit and complete hardware
  • A product that is light in weight and easy to use
  • The reel ends and handles are made of polyethylene
  • The tubes have a 3” extruded aluminum
  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty and 5-year manufacturer’s coverage


  • The straps may rot with time

4. Rocky’s 5A In Ground Pool Solar Reel

The Rocky’s 5A is a solar reel that comes with easy operation and the complete hardware and equipment doesn’t require any extra installation accessories. This is constructed with die-cast aluminum and exhibits outstanding durability and quality with a baked enamel finish. The crank handle is extra large with 3 inch in size and is 12 sided, the anodized steel tubing ensures lateral strength and minimizes sagging. An attractive pool solar reel that is uniquely designed.

Rocky's 5A In Ground Pool Solar Reel

The Rocky Reel is an amazing solar reel that is portable and is equipped with castors of 4 inches that make the handling and movement comfortable. Whenever you want to move it from the way then the anchor bolts should be released and the cover can be set in the reel. This also has a ground clearance with underside of 3 inches and tubing of 13 inches. This is suitable for in ground pools that have a width of 20 ft. This features a 5A reel system and comes with easy manoeuvrability. The equipment ensures lateral strength with the anodized tubing.


  • This is designed for in ground pools that have a width of 20 feet
  • Constructed with die-cast aluminum
  • Includes hardware and 4-inch castor set with extra-large crank-handle
  • Ground clearance is of tubing of 13 inches
  • This is easy to operate and requires only one person
  • This is a 5A reel system and brings enhanced portability


  • A bit hard to use on wheels

5. Nova Microdermabrasion Pool Cover Reel

The Nova Microdermabrasion pool cover reel set is another amazing product that doesn’t drop easily and is 7-section thick pipe of aluminum that has anti-rust quality and has solid tyres that provide a great balance and is easy and convenient to use. The taking on and off of the blanket becomes easy and the tugging and pulling hassles are eliminated while using this pool cover reel. This comes with a width that is easily adjustable and shows suitability for above-ground swimming pools with 17.5’ feet to 21’ feet. The product features 7 poles and can accommodate a pool of 22’.

Nova Microdermabrasion Swimming Pool Cover ReelThe cover reel has all the benefits attached to it as they prevent evaporation of water during the hottest summer months and the water remains warm for swimming when a bit cold it is. Any kind of dirt, debris, leaves and more are also prevented from falling into water. The Nova is Eco-friendly and makes the closing and opening of the reel cover smooth and convenient. This has great portability and the mechanical lock system brings more convenience when the cover has to be unrolled. An amazing cover that can fit in pool of any shape like the rectangular, bean shaped, kidney shaped, oyster shaped and more. Long straps help in making the attachment easy and to all the points.


  • This is a cover reel for pools that is a durable construction
  • Features an adjustable width that is suitable for wide in-ground pools
  • Provides many benefits and keeps the debris away along with preventing evaporation
  • Suitable to fit in a pool of any shape


  • Velcro doesn’t last for long

Best Above Ground Pool Solar Cover Reels

1. Sun2Solar Solar Cover Reel for Above-Ground Pools

The Sun2Solar cover reel works great for above ground pools that may be round or oval in shape. This can easily fit the pools that have a width of 24’. You can keep your pool comfortable and warm with these amazing solar cover reel. This can be easily operated with one person and features a steering wheel with a styled handle. The product is light in weight, made of non-corrosive plastic and has tubing of sturdy aluminum.

Sun2Solar Solar Cover Reel System

This uniquely designed solar cover reel features a lift and swing design and will help you keep the warmth of your pool intact. The accessories all the necessary ones are a part of this product when you buy. This easily fits your needs and if the solar blanket is large in size then should be folded at the ends. This can be removed with ease and can be placed on the ground level by taking someone’s help. The design is of quality material and is suitable for thickness of 8-mil to 12-mil thickness. The assembling of the solar cover reel is extremely easy and features telescoping poles that are 3” in diameter and can be expanded to a width of 24’.


  • This fits your needs comfortably
  • Can be removed with ease with the help of one person
  • The design is sturdy built and is light weight with a non-corrosive quality
  • The assembling of the solar cover reel is easy with telescoping poles
  • Suitable for above ground pools and accessories included with the product
  • Comes in two separate boxes


  • The reels slip sometimes

2. Kokido II Solar Cover Reel For 24 ft Above Ground Pool

The Kokido Solaris is another wonderful cover reel and tube set that is preferred for aboveground pools. The covers provide a lot of protection to your pool and keep the kids and pets secure too and these cover reels keep you absolutely free from any kind of hassles when it comes to pool care. The cover can be removed and put on the pool with ease and convenience. This tube set is seven-piece and hexagonal shaped and is suitable for pools of a width of 24’.

Kokido Solaris Above Ground Pool Cover Reel

The construction of the Kokido is sturdy and durable and is equipped with a crank arm that is ergonomically shaped. The rolling and unrolling of the cover can be done with maximum comfort by you. The solar cover can be stored properly on the reel and can be kept aside with security when not in use. This set comes in a compact pack and a color box that’s too attractive. The attachment can be done without a railing on your above ground pool. The fixtures are a part of it that can be clamped on a pool frame that is tubular. The tube is 7.31m / 24 ft in size and are made of aluminum alloy.


  • The complete tube set comes in 7 pc and is hexagonal in shape
  • A great product that is recommended for above ground pools that have a width of 24 ft.
  • The tubes are durable and made of aluminum alloy
  • This includes fixtures that work as a mantel for the steel wall and wooden frame pools
  • Can be rolled and unrolled with utmost ease


  • Unrolling is problematic

3. Economy Above Ground Pool Solar Cover Reel

The Economy solar cover reel is made to bring you comfort and convenience. This is designed with durability, simplicity and is equipped with a single hand crank at one end. The other side of the cover reel can be mounted permanently as comes with a sturdy base. Corrosion-proof resin is used for the construction of the crank and base that has quality interlocking tubes. The base comes with an easy mounting feature and can be incorporated with rail of 6 inches and may be wider. The needle bearing of the cover reel helps in single person operation with ease and this can be stored with ease in winter months. The reel pivots to be removed before you keep it safe when not in use.

Economy Above Ground Pool Solar Cover Reel

The unique design of the cover reel makes it bow and ride on the water surface and the solar blanket attachments of all sorts are included with this. Can be used for any above ground pools that have a width of 19 to 24 feet.


  • The Economy solar cover reel is suitable for above ground pools that have a width of 19-24 feet
  • At one end is the single hand crank and other is a permanently mounted base
  • Strong corrosion-proof resin base form the part of the crank and the base and also has interlocking aluminum tubes
  • The base can be mounted to any top rail that is 6 inches or wider
  • After removing the reel pivots the storage become easy for winter months


  • Not a strong system overall
  • Unrolling is problematic

Few Buying Tips Before You Invest In The Best Solar Pool Cover Reel

Buying a solar cover reel for pool is like investing in a product that should last for long. Many key factors should be studied and researched before that and the decision should be such that supports your budget and your pool’s health.

The Construction

It should be considered most importantly that the reel cover you are going to buy is of good quality or not. The construction of the reel should be durable as this will make it go long and make the putting and removing of the cover smooth and stable. The preferred products are aluminum, strong plastic and stainless-steel material. The reel is the main pivot around which the entire working of covering the pool relies. This should be robust and last long for providing best outcomes.

The Assembly Process

Any product that has easy assembly is loved by the user. Similarly, if the reel will be heavy then loading and unloading of the cover becomes extremely difficult and there may be requirement of more than one person for this. When you invest in one just keep in mind that the cover reels that can be easily handled by one person are more suitable and handier for using in routine.

The Benefits

The cover reel should be easy to use and be capable enough to provide you with benefits of covering any kind of pool and preventing the water evaporation during hot summer days and keeping it war when required for swimming. It should also be able to keep the dirt and debris away.

The Cost Factor

Go for a product that is of good quality and should be suitable for your pocket too. investment should be such that it should not make you feel over-burdened. Plan nicely and do proper budgeting before investing for the one you like and afford.

A Good Brand

Go for a reputable brand as a durable and a premium quality product will never let you down and the maintenance costs won’t bother you much on a regular basis. Many are available in the market so choose wisely after going through the details and doing proper research.

The Conclusion

We hope by now you must be convinced and confident for choosing the appropriate cover reel for your lovely and precious pool. The products in the article that are listed are of top quality and you can be buy and choose among those without any hitch.

The tips and the product features will make you decide right and invest in the one that will suit your day to day pool maintenance needs. Now you need not clean your pool many times as before, because these covers will certainly make your life easier by reducing of workload for sure.

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