Best Hot Tub Covers

hot springs hot tub cover

Imagine you drop your phone in the hot tub, or have energetic kids and pets around that could experience some unplanned dips in your spa/hot tub.

No brainer!! Not only this, there could also be dust, debris, snow, ice, and freezing winter temperatures that could spoil all the fun.

A great cover is designed to solve every problem of yours. Best protection and care for your hot tubs ever!!!

Certainly true….Knowing your various hot tub cover options before investing in a new one is absolutely essential. There are many types such as soft covers, hard shell covers, aluminum covers, seasonal, and solar ones too.

On the basis of real user reviews, overall price, design, functionality, supplier credibility, durability and more, we have the best hot tub/spa covers here for you.

We have tested and studied all the products thoroughly, so that you can pick the perfect one that offers you more enjoyable and relaxing experiences irrespective of the time of the year.

Best Hot Tub Covers - A Quick Look

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Detailed Reviews Of Hot Tub Covers

1. Soft Covers

These covers are made of long-lasting vinyl fabric that is designed to be stretched over the hot tub or spa top. The cover can be fastened to the spa cabinet by using rubber straps. For reducing the pooling of rain water, air-filled vinyl pillow floating is used under the soft cover.

  • The Good: In comparison to the traditional spa covers these are less cumbersome and lightweight.

  • The Bad: This isn’t a thermal spa cover.

1. BeyondNice Make: Replacement Spa and Hot Tub Covers

“Users really appreciate its quality and durability.”

This hot tub cover is made by BeyondNice in the United States and in compliance with ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standards. This is durable as made with non-corrosive Galvalum metal C-channels, which are 30 percent stronger than aluminum.

The cover also features Polyethylene vapor barriers that keep the moisture out. Any size can be made as this is 96 inch. in width, length, and diameter.

The standard foam cores taper in the middle (4 inch. thickness) and at the edges (2 inch. thickness).Marine Grade and mildew-resistant vinyl keeps the cover protected from harmful UV rays.


  • Manufactured in compliance with ASTM standards.

  • Superior-quality virgin EPS foam cores.

  • Comes with a 5-year standard warranty that includes coverage for waterlogging.

  • The metal C-channels are made of non-corrosive material.

  • Includes 4 locking tie-down straps.

  • 6 inch. wide skirt offers protection from UV rays.


  • No cons as such.

2. Hard Shell Covers

These are traditional vinyl-wrapped foam cores along with a center hinge which helps in folding it. These are made to fit the hot tub dimensions in a prefect manner and are fastened tightly with clips and straps to the spa cabinet.

  • The Good: This seals to the hot tub/spa edges tightly and performs at the highest possible R-value for heated spas.

  • The Bad: Two persons may be required for replacing and removing the cover.

2. Classic Accessories, Rectangular Hot Tub Cover

“A cover that offers additional protective layer against harsh elements.”

The Classic Accessories covers are a great combination of strength, durability, and safety. This cover guard is quite inexpensive in comparison to the others yet provides ample of protection against any sort of elements and weather (UV rays, strong winds).

This features padded handles for comfort, matching webbing, and California Prop 65 compliance for health with safety. This fits rectangular hot tubs with covers up to 82 inches long and 69 inches wide. Elastic hem cord with a toggle allows adjustment for a custom and tight fit.


  • A cheaper replacement than other hot tub heat covers.

  • Protects generously from harsh elements.

  • Backed by a 3-year warranty.

  • Ensures a tight fit.

  • Comes with high-density stitching.


  • Only one user found it flimsy.

3. Aluminum Covers

These type of covers are similar to that of hard covers. These come with a Styrofoam core which is sandwiched between 2-aluminum plates and are edged with an aluminum border which is quite thick.You can use its optional straps to attach it to the spa cabinet.

  • The Good: These are available in attractive colors, are light in weight and possess a robust aluminum frame. Styrofoam cores don’t absorb much water.

  • The Bad: They don’t have any skirt over the edge of the spa and the heat seal comes with a rubber gasket of ½” between the spa-lip and cover.

3. Cover Valet NP509 Spa Cover Lift and Caddy

“Features a unique gas-spring assisted lift for effortless spa cover removal.”

The covers used for hot tubs could be quite heavy and the cover filter could be installed on variety of hot tub/spa shapes. These may include rectangular, round, square, and octagonal.

This is unique as comes with a caddy that will hold your cover firmly. The cover lift is created using high-grade powder coated aluminum and possesses gas spring assist for convenient cover removal.

This boasts of an under-mount cabinet design that works with all spas from 30 to 40 inch in height. Just keep in mind that it will need a clearance of 36 inches to work properly.


  • Under-mount cabinet design works with all spas.

  • Can be installed in few minutes.

  • Adjustable – raises or lowers spa cover when stored.

  • Constructed of high-grade powder coated aluminum.

  • Stores cover conveniently to the side of your spa.


  • Users just adore this product.

4. Solar Covers

This cover uses the sun’s heat during the day for heating up water and prevents it to escape during the night. They actually help in reducing the power bills.In comparison to the other hot tub/spa covers in the list these are the most cost-effective ones.

  • The Good: The solar covers are UV and chemical-resistant and extend the life of your regular hot tub.

  • The Bad: Not suitable for places with less sun’s heat.

4. In The Swim 8 x 8 Foot Spa Solar Blanket Cover

“Captures the heat of the sun and can be cut to give a snug fit.”

This is another cover type in the list which works well to cover your spa/hot tub. The solar blanket seems similar to a bubble wrap and specifically designed for capturing the sun’s heat.

The solar blanket keeps the water warm along with providing insulation. This raises water temperature up to 8-10 degrees in approximately 5-7 days of consistent sunlight.

Reduces water evaporation and chemical loss to save you money. They minimize heat loss and the amount of debris or dust that can get into the water. Easy to place, lightweight that floats on top of the water and can be cut to fit spas and hot tubs that are irregularly shaped.


  • Reduces heat loss, prevents debris to fall.

  • UV and chemical-resistant.

  • Reduces moisture contact and extends hot tub life.

  • Light weight and durable.

  • Can be turned into a custom fit.


  • Not as sturdy as its counter parts.

5. Seasonal Covers

These covers are designed to offer adequate protection to your hot tub cover and hot tub alike. Generally these are available in large sizes and made to offer complete protection against varied weather conditions such as rain, sun, snow, and dust, debris, etc.The seasonal covers are made to cover the tub top and side both.

  • The Good: They keep the tub decently insulated and robust to handle heavy snow.

  • The Bad: Could be a bit heavy to use.

5. The Cover Guy Deluxe Hot Tub Cover

“An ideal options for snowy locations as features 20-points of reinforcement.”

Winters could be harsh and bring a lot of worries about hot tub maintenance and selecting the right cover fir the same.

Thanks to this winter cover by Cover Guy which is designed to withstand adverse weather and heavy snow loads. This is a custom-made hit tub cover and you can get it set as per your spa requirements (color, size, shape, etc.).

This comes with a foam of 5-inch that tapers to about 3-inch on the sides. The brilliant 20-points of reinforcement keeps you worry free as adequate care is taken by this even when it snows heavily.Good option for the people residing in snowy locations and the marine-grade vinyl covering keeps it reliable.


  • Reduces heat loss, prevents debris to fall.

  • UV and chemical-resistant.

  • Reduces moisture contact and extends hot tub life.

  • Light weight and durable.

  • Can be turned into a custom fit.


  • Not as sturdy as its counter parts.

How to Choose Spas Tub Covers?

Not only the protection or the cost aspect there could be many more things that will probably be required before you invest in the best hot tub cover. Henceforth beyond cents and dollars, many other qualities will rule your decision.

1. Weather Patterns

Generally the hot tubs are installed outdoors but some of them could be indoors too. The outside hot tubs are always at a risk of fallen leaves, rain, wind, dust etc. Even the inside tubs are usually locked due to falling temperatures in winter months.

Windy neighborhoods could call for a cover for your tub in order to keep it protected always. Dry season also invites problems as animals may be in a lookout for water and the cover may have to battle the critters, racoons, or squirrel’s claws.

inflatable hot tub cover

The temperature extremes may spoil the integrity of your hot tub cover. So, invest in a cover that is able to withstand the weather changes and is able to toggle those polarities (cover may contract, shrink, expand, and crack due to extremes).

2. Moisture Protection

The major function of a cover is to keep the hot water intact. Especially when the water is warming up, you won’t like it to evaporate as not only it will be wasted but the pump and jet holes also will get exposed.This way evaporation will waste water and electricity too.

7x7 hot tub cover

Outside part of the cover of hot tub should possess waterproof qualities and the inside should prevent water loss. Some covers come with an inside padding of foam and may develop mildew over the time. Ensure that there is right type of passing to prevent this.

The heat retention is also very important and thicker covers really help in this. Always remember that if you buy a dense cover, it will need more people, efforts, or a cover lifter to lift. You may need to spend on an electronic or mechanical device to shift the cover then. A lighter cover is better.

3. Proper Fitting

Different brands offer different types of covers in terms of size, capacity, design, color, etc. The pump nozzles, drains, filters, may also have different locations and shapes. Covers aren’t universal!!

in ground spa covers

Check all these things prior to your purchase for a right fit and in case going for a replacement then go for the same brand or cover type/model for guaranteeing a proper fit.

The adjustable covers provide you with more flexibility as they can be fitted making adjustments. There could be draw strings or Velcro straps that make them an ideal customizable cover.

4. Extra Features

If you have affordability, then you won’t mind going for some extra features. Additional features as the hot tub cover with a C-channel- a steel bar that runs along the perimeter rim and weighs down to deal with the strong winds.

This channel also prevents animals and kids from prying the cover. Safety locks also help a lot. One more thing you need to check is the R-value that will describe the heat retention. Check for warranty also as this helps a lot over the course of time you use the cover. Manufacturer warranties always bring convenience and confidence.

5. Material and Color

Check the material or plastic type used to make the hot tub cover. Marine-grade-vinyl is a good choice as this is tailored to withstand powerful waves, sharp rocks, seafaring and more. Consider the UV and chemical-resistant abilities too.A cover of superior quality will always provide a substantial amount of protection for years.

Your list of options will narrow down if you choose a particular color. But how? This is simple science that of you choose dark colors they will absorb more heat over the light colors that tend to reflect heat. Good brands always come with many color choices that will fit the customer needs.


Consider all the above mentioned buying tips seriously and select the one that suits your hot tub and your budget. We really appreciate the covers created by BeyondNice Make and Cover Guy that will keep your spa protected and clean.

Though others are also good and will prove of great worth if used as per your tub/spa requirements. So, have a great time in your hot tub….

Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Is it essential to cover hot tubs?

Ans: Leaving your hot tub uncovered will end-up in heat escape and may invite a lot of debris, dust, leaves and more. When you own a hot tub, protection and care are of prime concern and the right cover does the needful.

Even in freezing temperatures the cover helps to keep the heat intact offering you a great experience. So, it’s always wise to invest in a superior-quality cover for your hot tub/spa.

Q 2. How long the hot tub covers last?

Ans: There is no exact number of years for which your hot tub cover will last. Though on a general estimate most of the covers will need a replacement after 5-7 years.They may wear off with time and use getting heavier and depreciated.

Q 3. How can I maintain my hot tub cover?

Ans: Proper care and maintenance will add years to you hot tub cover. Keep it clean with two easy cleaning steps:

Make use of a garden hose for rinsing your hot tub cover.

Spraying with a non-foaming, gentle, ph neutral cleaner is recommended. For any sort of stubborn dirt a non-abrasive sponge can be used. Later on, wipe it clean.

Q 4. How much thick a hot tub cover should be?

Ans: This will depend on whether you have an indoor or an outdoor hot tub. The Cover Guy deluxe hot tub cover comes with a foam of 5-inch that tapers to about 3-inch on the sides.

This also has 20-points of reinforcement that remain sufficient thickness to provide heat retention for an enjoyable experience.

Q 5. What all should I look for before buying a hot tub cover?

Ans:Consider the undermentioned things before you invest in one:

High-density foam care should be your choice.

Vinyl covering weight should be known beforehand.

Consider the hinge heat seal.

You need to decide if you need a hot tub cover lift.

Go for superior quality hot tub covers.

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