4 Summer Escapes Pool Reviews – Available in All Sizes [2021]

If you are planning to make your summer a luxury while staying at home and not holidaying on an expensive trip, then you are heading right.

Nothing more will beat the summer as these summer escapes pools will. Drench in the water of your wonderful pool rather than perspiring in the dog summer days. Questions of different types may be appearing in your mind before you decide your purchase.

Don’t worry! We are here to solve all your doubts. You can go through the different types of products and their reviews before you finalist your dream pool. We have studied in-depth to provide you a broader view and true facts about these pools.

Summer Escapes Pool Reviews : A Quick Comparison

Premium Choice

Summer Escapes 10"x30" Quick Ring Pool

summer escapes quick set pools

Easy Setup

Quick Set Ring

Easy To Replace Filter

Best Overall

Summer Escapes 18x48 Round Pool

summer escapes swimming pool

No Issues With Leaks

Super Filtration System

6 Month Parts Guarntee

Most Affordable

Summer Waves 10'x30" Metal Frame Pool

summer escape 10x30 metal frame pool

Durable Rust Proof

Metal Frame Construct

3-Ply Puncture Resistant

Summer Escapes Pool, Pump, and Filter - Detailed Review

1. Summer escapes 10x30 pool with Set Ring

The Summer Escapes pool comes with an easy set-up feature and the added benefit is the chlorine floater. The dispenser works perfectly as compared to the pump and this is 10 feet by 30 inches in size.

You can just beat the summer heat with ease and convenience and add on a lot of fun while having family time. The pool sides are constructed with strong vinyl and the bottom is ready for heavy-duty usage.

The pool is made of supreme quality and is thick in the material that can last for years to come. The sturdy material keeps it intact and doesn’t let the pool wear or damage easily.

The pool cartridges come with an easy replacement feature and GFCI protection and an RP600 pump. This is pretty comfortable to accommodate two children and adult and also has easy cleaning features. The chlorine cleaner and the pool pump can make your cleaning task extremely easy and simple. A pool that doesn’t increase your water or electricity bills and is very economical.

High-Grade Features:

  • The pool is easy to set and is named quick set ring pool.

  • This comes with GFCI protection and a pump RP600.

  • Filter cartridges are easily replaceable.

  • The pool can be cleaned with utmost ease.

  • This doesn’t increase your e-bills and water bills.

Low-Grade Features:

  • May leak around the O rings.

2. Summer Escapes 18 x 48 Round Pool & 1000 GPH Skimmer Filter

The Summer Escapes 18 x 48 above ground pool is alluring, appealing, and durable too. Like the quick set ring pool, this one also is easy to assemble and is equipped with an in-built chlorinator.

It has the capacity to release 1500 gallons of water in an hour and has a depth of 18 feet and a diameter of 48 inches. This also comes with a C filter cartridge, all filter hooks up hardware, hoses, and is a sturdy construction.

The three-layered sidewalls and inner mesh make it more worthy and the PVC material also forms the part of the side walls. The frame of the pool is uniquely designed and is coated with powder metal along with a maintenance kit.

In case of any emergency or hole the repairs can be done by DIY method with the help of the maintenance kit. Due to its large size many people can be a part of this pool at the same time and the capacity is 6000 gallons, that’s pretty huge! The frame possesses an anti-corrosion quality. Easy to fill and drain water when you are not using the pool.

High-Grade Features:

  • The pool is amazing with a great capacity and serves best for many people.

  • After purchasing this you can assemble it quite easily.

  • The frame has anti-rust quality.

  • A durable pool overall.

  • Easy to fill, drain and store.

Low-Grade Features:

  • The filter pump is low on quality but can be replaced.

3. Summer Escapes Above Ground Pool (10′ X 30″) – Metal

The Summer Escapes Metal Frame Pool is another great adult or kids pool that comes in vibrant blue color and is suitable for any family to enjoy in summer.

The pool can be placed with ease in your backyard and has a metal frame set of 10’ x 30”. The diameter of 10 ft, and the depth of 3 ft. make this one unique and enjoyable on a hot summer noon.

How easy is to set up this pool, with the Quick connect feature, that saves all your precious time. The setting is no longer a whole day affair. Three simple steps and you are almost there,

-inserting poles, filter system attachment and hose hooking is all that has to be done for the pool set up.When the summer is over you can remove this also with ease. This is constructed with a metal frame set that is rust resistant and doesn’t require any tools for a rapid set up. The water can be drained by establishing a garden hose connection.

High-Grade Features:

  • This comes with an in-built chlorinator.

  • A perfect option for kids and adults.

  • This is a metal construction that has anti-corrosion qualities.

  • Easy set up pool and can be stored in winter months.

Low-Grade Features:

  • The plastic pins are difficult to remove when the storage has to be done.

4. Intex Easy Above Ground Pool + Pump + Ladder

A great pool at an attractive price I must say. The pool is durable and so is the ladder that includes this.

The Intex above the ground is easy to set up and has a capacity to hold 3374 gallons of water when it’s full to the brim. The pool is strong, tough, and durable as is made with sidewalls that can stay for long.

The cover has an attached drawstring that ensures its placement in the pool. The pool should be placed on a leveled surface for absolute enjoyment and stability purposes.

The height of the wall is 24 inches when the top ring is inflated and the water is full. In just a time of 15 minutes, you can set the pool and have endless and special moments with your loved ones. The water can be drained with ease with the drain plug and easy connection can be established with a garden hose.

High-Grade Features:

  • Has the capacity to hold 3374 gallons of water.

  • This is durable and is made of walls that are extremely tough.

  • So easy to set up that it just gets ready in less than 15 minutes.

  • The drain plug helps to drain and helps in establishing connection to a garden hose.

  • You and your family can have endless fun in this pool.

Low-Grade Features:

  • The hose doesn’t match with the pool.

  • Pump is not of much use.

Frequently Asked Question's

Q1. Are the summer escapes pools BPA and PVC free?

Ans 1.For any kind of details regarding the pools the manufacturers manual should be referred to. All the details are clear in that, be it the BPA or PVC factor.

Q2. Do the summer escapes pools require any barriers?

Ans 2.It is not necessary for you to keep any barriers or fences around these pools as they are above ground pools with high walls. Some of them come with a staircase too. You can comfortably place these wherever you want.

Q3. Are the summer escapes equipped with drain plugs?

Ans 3.Yes, the summer escapes pools are equipped with drain plugs and a connection can be established with the garden hose for draining water whenever required. Make it sure to drain the water away from the pool.

Q4. Can we vacuum summer escapes pool?

Ans 4.Yes, the summer escapes pool can be vacuumed by using a garden hose. The vacuum of the pool and the hose should be connected and the vacuum head should be made to face inside water in order to drain the water properly.

Q5. Are the pumps of summer escapes pool worth?

Ans 4.As we have reviewed in the article above the pumps of these pools aren’t much effective. But they can certainly be replaced whenever you want. The manufacturer can be contacted for further details regarding this.

Wrapping Up

You can let the summer heat escape with these great cool pools. Family time can be more fun and your backyard can be turned to an oasis with these amazing pools. If you are a bit worried about your expenditure then these pools are certainly a great choice. These come with an affordable price tag and have least maintenance hassles. Durability is another factor that adds on to the benefits of these summer escapes pool.