Summer Waves Pool Reviews

Summer and pools are a perfect duo. The love for water splashing and playing pool games is always a kid’s fascination. We all as humans like to plunge in water be it a pool or a seaside, on hot summer days. I had talked about my fascination for seaside destinations in one of my previous articles.

But practically speaking, it is not always feasible to just go for expensive holidays, buying a Summer waves pool is a good idea to opt. The market today offers so many alternatives, and one can go for any good option for a backyard pool for endless fun.

Summer is the time when one can enjoy quality time with kids and family. The summer waves pools facilitate bonding with your loved ones, along with making fondest memories. What a great way of having endless fun? Isn’t it!

Summer waves pools have come with one an exclusive range of the best and elite pools in the market.

Summer Waves Pool [Detailed Review]

summer waves elite pool reviews

This summer wave pool is a great one for kids and is portable and inflatable. It is designed with a jungle animal theme, which is adored by kids all over. It’s a colourful kiddie pool play center and a perfect one for hot summer days. A jungle which can be easily inflated can create endless fun for kids. Summer is the time to have fun in and with water. This behaves as an attractive set-up for kids, during sizzling summer days.

A popsicle in hand and the pool to enjoy, Oh! What a combination? Little ones just love it! Just look at the attractive colors of this pool, a toucan with rings, an inflated crocodile like a super like a super fun slide, giraffe spraying water and a monkey having fun by splashing water around.

I just can’t stop gazing at this beautiful summer waves pool, feel like being a kid again… haha. Kids can enjoy to their fullest, and are bound to appreciate this pool due to its attractive features. A few balls can also be added in the pool, so that the little ones can enjoy more while splashing. Just see the children go wild in this wild pool, and do crazy things this summer.


  • A mesmerizing summer waves pool with so much colour, thereby adding color to our life

  • This inflatable jungle is so much loved by kids

  • It has animated creatures like toucan, crocodile and monkey, which adds more fun

  • Gives a complete feel of a jungle to kids


  • An inflatable pool might get punctured or damaged

  • Only kids can enjoy this more

summer waves quick set pool reviews

The Summer fun starts with the freshness and coolness of water right here with this Quick set above ground pool. This pool is again an amazing one with adorable features. Starting from top, it is designed with an inflatable top ring. This pool can be set-up very quickly and easily with no hassles. Effortlessly the pool can be made ready for enjoying on hot summer days. It comes with an RX600 filter pump with GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter), acts as a skimmer and pump both. This way the maintenance of the pump can be quite easy and will prevent anyone from tripping. Just fill it with water and then feel the difference. It comes with an unbeatable price tag, and provides seamless fun.

This round shaped quick set ring pool has measurements of 12 ft in diameter and is 3 ft deep. The installation can be done rapidly. The sidewalls of this pool are designed to keep it puncture safe; a durable triple layer polyester is used for the inner mesh.

This one features a dark herringbone basket weave wicker pattern, adding more aesthetic to your backyard. This summer waves pool is a perfect combination of elegance and comfort. It also keeps your privacy in the backyard and even adults can enjoy this.


  • It is a quick set pool, which can be kept and used effortlessly

  • Comes with an RX600 Filter Pump with GFCI

  • Less chances of getting punctured, as is designed with triple layer polyester inner mesh sidewalls

  • Great one for the whole family to have seamless fun

  • The right contrast of comfort with elegance


  • It takes time to fill this pool

  • Mesh walls might feel a little rough sometimes

summer waves 10ft pool

A pool especially designed for your comfort and enjoyment. This is again a round shaped pool with an Active frame. It is a durable one with effortless set-up feature. Its beautiful cool blue colour just blends with the water and makes your yard look fresher and more wonderful. As it adds freshness to your yard, so goes with your life. It also features a stylish exterior wicker print and has a helpful filtration system. It has an 8 ft diameter metal frame inclusive of a filter system.

This summer waves pool boasts of a rapid set up in as little as just 30 minutes, so much fun in just minutes …. Just can’t resist! It also possesses an RX330 Pump with GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter), and a D type cartridge filter . It is best suited for ages 6 and above. The capacity is 801 gallons of water and is manufactured with a high strength metal frame. This pool is very durable and a long lasting one, has a rust resistant galvanized frame made of steel. The oval frame tubes are strong and sturdy. The triple layer material with which it is made is quite sturdy and can easily withstand extreme summer weather, even preventing puncturing


  • An excellent and a sturdy one

  • It possesses an RX330 pool pump with GFCI with a D type filter

  • This summer waves Active frame pool is just amazing and comes in a cool blue colour

  • It also comes at an unbeatable price

  • This one features an easy set-up

  • The sturdy material of the pool comes with less chances of getting punctured


  • Sometimes the cartridge can quickly run out of capacity and power

  • The weight of this pool is around 40 pounds

summer waves 10ft pool

This is again a pool with a difference. One can splash the whole day in comfort, along with maintaining privacy. This personal pool is a perfect one to beat the heat in summers. It is one of the best Summer Waves Active Frame pools. It is a durable one and comes with easy set-up, so effortless for anyone to install. For seamless fun one can just fill it with water, and splash inside. It has a very helpful filtration system. This above ground pool is manufactured with stylish exterior tan wicker print, and looks beautiful adding aesthetic to your backyard.

This pool is round shaped and measures 10 ft. in diameter and depth is 2.5 feet. It boasts of a capacity of 1,266 gallons of water, and is of unbeatable value. It is inclusive of SFS350 pool skimmer along with a pump. It is very sturdy, as it is made up of triple layered polyester mesh and heavy gauge PVC material. This triple layer material helps in preventing punctures and lets the pool withstand summer weather easily. It possesses strong and sturdy oval frame tubes, and is built with rust-resistant galvanised steel frame. Elegance is added to your summer fun with this pool.


  • A very sturdy and a durable summer pool

  • A quick set pool which can be rapidly installed

  • Comes with SFS350 skimmer along with a filter pump

  • Holds up to 1,266 gallons of water

  • It is manufactured with a triple layered mesh making it puncture safe


  • This pool is less durable as compared

summer waves inflatable family pool with mosaic interior print

This one is a beautiful summer waves inflatable family pool. The whole family can sit and enjoy the summer season. The colour of the pool gives a fresh look and a cool feel. This one is certainly a luxurious one and spacious too. The pool exhibits a refined shape along with stylish mosaic interior print. The mosaic print just gives a feel, as if one is sitting in a pool with real tiles.

Its seats are very comfortable and can also be set-up with efficient valves. This pool gives seamless splashing fun along with relaxation. After buying this one you can just easily relax with your family or alone. This beautiful pool addition to your backyard will certainly give you satisfaction and happiness. So, just play some music and have a great me time alone or with your loved ones. This pool is a safe one for all, but younger children should be under supervision. This inflatable pool can be kept aside if not in use, by deflating. This one is a portable one, if you want to enjoy it with your cousins you can pack it and carry it easily.


  • A spacious inflatable family pool

  • A luxurious one giving a cool feel in a hot summer noon

  • The shape is great and has a stylish mosaic interior

  • Comes with comfortable seats and efficient valves for easy set-up

  • This beautiful pool blends with your backyard

  • A portable one and easy to maintain pool


  • It might get punctured or leak

  • Can’t hold much weight at the edges

Summer Waves Pool

Simply The Best!!

The summer waves pools are the perfect ones which suit the modern life styles. These pools come with an easy set-up and can be installed very quickly in a backyard. They are considered to be the best as they are uniquely designed and add so much aesthetic to your yard. They come in beautiful patterns and colours. Some features and benefits of these poos are mentioned here under:-

The Cost Factor- We all are aware that inground pools are very costly as compared to the above ground pools. The fully-built pools need a fortune and additional property taxes are also to be paid sometimes, while above ground pools can easily be bought online and are lightweight and easy to install at a very low price

The Design – They are manufactured wonderfully with attractive features and most of them are perfect for a family. Special kiddie pools are also designed by Summer waves.

Installation And Safety – These summer pools can be set-up quickly in a very less time. They require very less labor. These pools are very safe for all to use, there are very fewer chances of falling in them.

The above ground pools are a charm for kids and adults both.

The Last Word

In the end would like to say that these Summer Waves pools are par excellence. Words full of appreciation just pour out after seeing these pools and their features. They are beautiful pools and are perfect for a family at a reasonable cost. Summer waves have an assorted options of pools. If you don’t buy one this summer, then you are seriously missing something. They are also known best for their spaciousness, durability and rich features. They are sturdy pools with metal frames. These are certainly high -quality, elite pools.

Great brand and great pools which can be used for years.

Frequently Asked Questions For Summer Waves Pool Vacuum

Till Which Level Should I Fill The Pool?

The pool should be filled till the two-third part inside. Summer waves pools are spacious and can hold up to 8241 gallons of water or less (depends on the size and features of the pool). We can measure it roughly with this measurement also. After buying the pool an instruction booklet comes with it, so we can use that also for reference. Every pool is designed differently supporting different features.

What Type Of Filter Does This Pool Use?

These pools use filtration systems which are very supportive. They come with SFS350, RX300, RX350 with GFCI. The skimmers are attached to them. These pools come with easy maintenance. High-quality pool with strong and sturdy oval tubes, provides quick cleaning of the pool. The pools remain fresh and clean for a longer time.

Can The Pool Frame Handle Dog Nails?

If you own a pet in the house, then there are chances that dog might scratch your lovely pool. No worries!! Since the frame of the pool is made with durable steel or metal, and can withstand rough or heavy use. A few scratches might not damage your pool, but if the dog scratches your pool often then those scratch marks might be visible. On a personal note, try to train your pet lovingly. So, make your summer special with these special Summer Waves Pools. Enjoy!!!!!