How Long After A Tattoo Can You Swim In Chlorine? – (Updated 2021)

If you have just spent a lot of money on some new body art, you can’t wait to show it off , especially while swimming in a swimsuit. Unfortunately tattoos and water do not mix at least until the new addition is completely healed. This means swimming in a pool or at the beach is off-limits. Same is the case with hot tubs and baths.

how long after a tattoo can you swim in chlorine

Why Can't We Swim After Getting A Tattoo?

There are some reasons swimming after getting a tattoo is risky, both for your health and the quality of your tattoo. New tattoo is just an open wound and it can predispose it to infection.

Open Water like lakes, rivers and oceans, no matter how pristine, has various kinds of bacteria and when you go for swimming with a fresh tattoo, that bacteria enters your body more easily and causes an infection. If the infection reaches your bloodstream, it can be extremely dangerous-even fatal to life.

A man, after he went swimming in the ocean, with a new tattoo, died due to an infection caused by vibrio vulnificus, a bacterium related to shellfish.Swimming pools and hot tubs can cause many issues. If the pool is not chlorinated or it has low levels of chlorine, there may be plenty of bacteria in the water.

Highly chlorinated pools less likely to give you infection, can still cause major irritation to your tattoos. You should avoid chlorine as the chemical can cause peeling or red itchy bumps on your tattoo.It can make it more prone to infection and cause issues with healing, changing the appearance.

what to avoid after getting a tattoo

Exactly How Long To Wait?

It is recommended – wait at least for 4 weeks or till your tattoo is fully healed before submerging it in water. If you have an immune system which is compromised due to medications or illnesses, you may have to wait longer since the risk of infection is even after.

You will know that your tattoo is healed when it stops flaking or peeling and scabs have fallen off.

Skin Rules – search for these signs of infection as increased swelling or pain, redness around the tattoo, becoming darker or spreading more instead of diminishing and lightning, red, itchy, painful bumps in the tattoo drainage, open sores or pus in the tattoo, fever, shivering or chills.

If there are any of these symptoms go to a doctor to get the issue checked. Many of the infections can be cleared up with an antibiotic.

can you swim with a new tattoo

Can The Tattoo Be Wet Or Sweaty?

It is difficult to avoid moisture completely, but it is important to be flat about your contact. If it is possible to keep your tattoo dry while you shower, by covering it with waterproof bandages and plastic wrap or holding it outside the stream of water then its ideal. You can skip baths and avoid workouts that cause you to get sweaty such as hot yoga.

If you are sweating a lot, the drips can carry germs into the open tattoo.Just after getting a brand new tattoo, the skin area is completely open wound with no protection whatsoever against harmful bacteria and germs.Therefore it is essential that you have to do whatever you possibly can to make sure your tattoo remains dry and clean and this means to stay out of all forms of water.

There are many ways to protect a new tattoo and water but it is the best to stay dry until healing finishes.

Most inground and above ground swimming pools either commercial or private have some sort of strong bacteria killing- chemicals continuously filtering through the system. Chlorine is the most commonly used chemical in public. Chlorine is an enemy to new tattoos and during the initial healing period, you should stay well away from coming into contact.

The chemical can irritate your tattoo by making it extremely dry and flaky before it is healed. It can also cause itching in the area and cause a host of other conditions such as rashes and red bumps over the area. If no chlorine is used in the pool or any other chemical, there are many reasons to stay away.

These pools have no preventive methods to protect swimmers against infection, so your tattoo will be extremely prone to infection.

Can We Swim in The Sea?

Not only does the sea contain millions of infections causing bacteria, many sewer systems throughout the world drain out into the sea. The sea salt also has a negative effect on Tattoo healing times . Swimming pools having salt water should also be avoided.

can you go swimming after getting a tattoo

Just like chlorine, salt really dries the area and irritates the skin before healing and causes many different types of reactions such as redness, itching and rashing.

Can We Take A Bath?

What can be possibly worse for your new tattoo then to bathe in your own germs and dirty bath water? No matter if the germs come from your body, they still can cause infection. Bathing in any body of water for a long period will flood the recovering tattoo with water, allowing the ink to drain and leak out leading to patchiness.

You should stay away from hot tubs. You are sharing a bath with up to 7 other people. Tattoo should be cared properly at least for 3 weeks before bathing or swimming in any type of water so that the skin can recover and close properly, guarding the tatoo against bacterial infection risk and the chance of water saturation.

how long after a tattoo can you shower

This works amazingly well during the healing process, it not only keeps your tattoo well hydrated but also very good at soothing annoying itchiness or irritation.There are many not to do things before your tattoo completely heals , and submerging the new ink in water is one of them.

To swim after the tattoo has healed is absolutely fine and causes no long-term damage to your tattoo.

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