Swimsuits For All Reviews – Updated 2021

Trying out so many things may lead to confusion and dissatisfaction sometimes. Similarly, selecting a swimwear from such a huge variety could turn quite tricky. So, the best way is to assess your body type and go ahead with a prefect swimwear for yourself. Buy a shape that suits your individual body type and makes you look and feel awesome.

Look chic and classy in the best swimwear ever!!

We have made your task absolutely easier by bringing the finest of the Swimsuits for all according to your body shape and type.

Designed, styled, and made for you, the best of the best, with the latest designs, colors, patterns, fabrics, along with comfort…. of course, we have a swim suit for all!!!

Let us look at the type and the product that matches your shape and style. We have answered you queries and questions in our all-inclusive buying guide along with the ways to choose the perfect fit.

Pick your favorite one!!!

Best Swimsuits For All Reviews : A Quick Comparison

Best Overall

Swimsuits for All Plus Size Flowy Tankini Top

swimsuits for all


High-Quality Fit

Adjustable Straps

Premium Choice

Swimsuits for All Chlorine Resistant Lycra

women in swimsuits

High Neck

Retains Its Shape

Wire-Free Molded Cups

Most Affordable

Swimsuits for All Plus Size Diva Halter Bikini Top

plus size swimwear target


Self-Tie Halter Straps

Double Key Hole Back

9 Most Flattering Plus Size Swimsuits

Full Bust

A moderate coverage top will greatly accent your bust. Immense comfort and support will be provided by thick straps with underwire. The sexy V-shaped neck lines will highlight you bust naturally by drawing the eyes up and down.

You can also choose an underwire top or a halter with supportive straps, if you like so. Skinning straps and push up padding is a big no.

1. Swimsuits for All Women's Plus Size - Underwire Bikini Top

This product comes with a hook closure with three comfortable adjustments. This is a Metal S-hook closure with a twist-front sweetheart neckline. Just look beautiful and flaunt yourself with the best bikini ever. This comes with an underwire and quality fabric is used for making this.

The fabric consists of 82% Nylon and 18% spandex material. Just use mild soap and prefer handwashing. You can just roll suit in towel and squeeze the excess water and keep it dry and flat. It is advisable, not to use dryers or washers.


As reviewed by some the band is of similar size though the fit sizes are different.

2. Swimsuits for All Women's Plus Size Diva Halter Bikini Top

This diva halter bikini top comes with a double key hole back closure and an S-hook with two adjustments. Features self-tie halter straps with side bra boning. For extra bust support the soft cup is encircled with a power mesh lining.

The fabric used to make this is 82% nylon and 18% spandex. Hand wash this with mild soap, roll suit in towel for squeezing out the excess water. Just dry it flat, avoid washers and dryers.


The padding isn’t good as mentioned by some.

Small Bust

You should choose a top that enhances your bust. A lifting, padded top, or push-up will increase your curves and bring them out beautifully. Horizontal lines or ruffles create an illusion of a larger bust and this is the best you should go for. Flat tops and solids should be avoided.

3. Swimsuits for All Women's Plus Size Madame Underwire

If you want to make your bust look sexy and want to enhance them, then this is a beautiful built-in wire molded bra cups. This is side bra boning and features a double keyhole back with S-hook closures (3 adjustments). This has fully detachable and adjustable straps, with fully lined brief with power mesh front panel.

The swim suit provides full bottom coverage and features a high-waist. Get a one that fits your size! This features an underwire and the fabric can be taken care of by hand washing it with mild soap. It includes 82% nylon, 18% spandex and an imported one. Just roll it in a towel and squeeze out the excess water. Dry it flat and avoid washers or dryers of any sort.


A wonderful one that will enhance your bust and make you look and feel sexy.

Plus Size

You can compliment your figure with a suit that is ideal for you. There are areas in your body that require bright and dark colors accordingly. The areas you want to emphasize should have bright colors set on them, while the areas you want to minimize should have dark colors.

There are prints that extend from bust to hip or across the body create an illusion of a longer, and leaner torso. If you want to control your tummy, then wear a suit that exhibits tummy trimming features or has ruching (also called gathering) and panelling will also help in flattening your stomach’s appearance. Ensure that you avoid colored suits and bikinis.

4. Swimsuits for All Women's Plus Size

This is a scoop neck encircled shelf bra with soft wire-free molded cups. The non-adjustable wide straps offer full bust support. This features a power mesh front lining with an unlined back. This is a full bottom coverage with tummy control and the fabric used to make this is 86% polyester and 14% spandex.

This is a color fast fabric, chlorine resistant polyester, and spandex fabric. They retain the actual fit and resist bagging.You should handwash it with mild soap, roll suit in towel and squeeze out excess water. Dry it flat and avoid washers and dryers.


Baggy at the bottom.

As reviewed the by some, the product is sewn awkwardly.

No Curves

If you want to enhance your top and bottom both, choose swim suit sets. The tops that feature horizontal lines and ruffles create a larger bust. Push-up or padded tops accentuate your chest. Choose bottoms that have belts, skirts, and ruffles that give an appearance of a larger bottom. It is advised to avoid tie side bottoms and sliding triangle tops.

5. Swimsuits for All Women's Plus Size Madame Underwire

This feature built-in underwire molded bra cups with side bra boning. Possesses a double keyhole back with S-hook closures with three adjustments. The straps are fully detachable and adjustable with a power mesh front panel. Look awesome and enhance from no curves to beautiful curves. This is full bottom coverage with high-waist and choose the size that will suit you. One can mix and match the top and bottom sizes for a perfect fit.

This comes with an underwire and the fabric used is 82% nylon, and 18% spandex. An imported swim suit which should be well taken care of by washing with hands and mild soap. Roll suit ion towel and squeeze out excess water. Dry it flat and avoid dryers and washers.


A gorgeous and sexy one without any negative reviews as such.

Short Torso

Any kind of strapless tops and bikinis with two-piece should be avoided completely.

If you have a short torso then choose a swim suit that elongates your body. One-piece suits that feature asymmetrical designs add the illusion of height. The swim set which is designed down the front lengthen your body and makes it appear leaner and longer. You should select one-piece suits that feature high necks, halters, or asymmetrical designs.

6. Swimsuits for All Women's Plus Size Chlorine Resistant Lycra Xtra Life High Neck

This is chlorine resistant Lycra xtra life high neck one-piece swimsuit which is enriched with a shelf bra with soft wire-free molded cups. The non-adjustable wide straps offer full bust support and the power mesh tummy control front lining adds more length by appearance for a small torso. Fully lined with a full bottom coverage with tummy control. The fabric used is 82% nylon and 18% Xtra life Lycra Spandex.

You can hand wash it with mild soap, roll suit in towel and squeeze out excess water. This imported piece retains its shape and fit 5-10 times longer than other fabrics. For keeping it in best condition avoid washers and dryers and dry it flat.


Just a fabulous piece and wonderful for a beach trip.

Long Torso

These are some of the features of a swimsuit with a flattering design. You should choose bikinis, bandikinis, and tankini top styles.The bikini bottoms that cut straight across the hip and one-piece suits should be avoided.

For breaking up your body to create an illusion of a shorter torso go for two-piece suits that exhibit bright colors and make your waist look smaller and shortens the length of a torso. For the women that possess long torsos should go for V-shaped necklines, horizontal stripes, high-cut legs.

7. Swimsuits for All Women's Plus Size Flowy Tankini Top

This comes with a high-quality fit and features sewn in cups for stay put support. The flowy tankini top is a flattering and body skinning silhouette.

You can customize the length of the flowy tankini top with the adjustable straps.

The company promises for quality fit and a product that is designed looking into your needs. This is certainly a design which is quality for design, fit for functionality, and design for price.


As complained by some that this is not true to its size.

Pear Shaped

Any sort of bikini bottoms or sarongs that exaggerate your hips should be strictly avoided.

If you have a pear-shaped body then choose a swim-suit that draws attention towards your upper body and not the lower body. You can team bright colored tops with solid bottoms that accentuate your bust and minimizes your legs. You should choose one-piece suits, tankini sets, or skirtinis with bright colored tops.

8. Swimsuits for All Women's Plus Size Chlorine Resistant Classic Tankini Set with Skirt

This is a Scoopneck encircled shelf bra with soft wire-free molded cups with non-adjustable wide straps and unlined top. Comes with an A-line skirt with a built-in-brief. This is a relaxed fit that suits your size and you can mix and match your bottom and top sizes for a perfect fit. A swim set which is specially designed as a hip minimizer.

The fabric used to make it is good quality polyester 82% and spandex 18%. The spandex fabric is colorfast, resistant polyester, and this retains the original fit and resists bagging. You can hand wash this fabric with mild soap, roll suit is a towel and squeeze the excess water. Just dry flat it and avoid washers and dryers.


As reviewed by some, that the product is not true to its size.

Tummy Issues

Any print designs elongate the torso in the centre of the body. You should choose swim dresses, one-piece suits, or any colorful sarongs that draw the eye downward. One should avoid bikini sets and low-rise bottoms.

If you have any issues related to your tummy, then select a swim suit that accentuates your legs and gives more coverage in the bustier and tummy area. This will flatten your stomach and you will look leaner and thin.

If the swim suit has gathering (ruching) or any kind of panel designs on the sides then the sides then the waist will appear slim.

9. Swimsuits for All Women's Plus Size Sarong

This is a V-neck enriched shelf bra with push plastic under band and soft molded cups. The swimwear also features non-adjustable wide straps that offer full bust support. Side shirring detail, draped front, and a power mesh front lining also forms part of the swimsuit.

This is another tummy control fit with 82% nylon and 18% spandex. An imported one that should be taken care by hand washing with mild soap. Later suit can be rolled in towel and the excess water should be squeezed out. You should dry it flat and the dryers and washers should be avoided.


As reviewed by some, that the product is not true to its size.

Choosing The best Swim Suits For All

We have categorised it in two ways. Let us put more light on the facts here, that will help in selecting the best swimsuit for yourself.

The First Way

We have drafted some credible answers on the basis of your queries and our related research.

Which is the perfect swimsuit that can cater to my needs and activity?

The Swimsuit for all provides a perfect swimsuit for all types. They make swim suits for extreme water sports and even if you are paddling around leisurely around the lake. There is a whole lot of variety form adjustable straps and back closures that provide minimal to full coverage as you want.

If you are having some leisure time with your kids in their kiddie pools then we have every kind of a bikini, one-piece bathing suit that can be used as a casual wear or for enjoying a rest day at the pool. The drawstrings, adjustable tops, halter necks, V-necks and more, we make just everything for your comfort.

The fabric used for making the swimwear is just amazing and comfortable.The chlorine-resistant polyester, nylon, and spandex material helps in retaining the fit of the swim wear and prevents bagging.

How should I find a swim suit that fits my body type?

In the article above we have categorised the different types of bikinis according to the body type. The most common ones are the:

  • Full Bust

  • Small Bust

  • Plus Size

  • No Curves

  • Short Torso

  • Long Torso

  • Pear Shaped

  • Tummy Issues

profile swimsuits

Our bodies are naturally designed to do the incredible. You can check your body type and match the swimsuit, tankinis, swim sets, sarong, cover ups also accordingly. The range of the swim wear is awesome and you can just find the right one for yourself and look beautiful and sexy.

Furthermore, if you have a full bust then go for a bikini suit that is comfortable and not padded, and if you have a pear-shaped body then opt for a swim suit that is made to cover your exaggerated areas like a skirted one or a one-piece suit.

How to ensure the right fit?

The company provides a detailed swimsuit fit guide. You should be aware that the swim suit might stretch a bit when wet and get firm on drying up. The best thing is to get a snug fit.

You can also go for a test dive if you want and get it exchanged if not satisfied. The company takes good care of its customers and the service provide by them is worth appreciable.

How can I measure by body stats for a perfect swim suit?

The swimsuit styles include a sizing chart that caters to every design and style. You can take help of any swimsuit page with a base size. The fit and sizing information can be understood properly by the help of following:

Bust or Chest

For measuring this you should keep your shoulders and arms relaxed and the fullest part of the bust should be measured by a measuring tape by keeping it parallel to the floor.

You can sit and do as the chest slightly expands then. The sup or band swimwear can be found out with the help of a bra fit calculator.

Whatever is the measurement of the cup band of the swimwear is similar to your bra size.


The smallest area should be measured but it should not be pulled up much above. Ensure that the tip is not kept very tight.

swimsuits for full figured ladies


You should measure the fullest part of the power house you own and the tape should be kept straight and parallel to the floor.


This should be measured in a u-shape from the shoulder front and down the legs and up back of your shoulder. Ensure that the tape goes through the legs and back from the same shoulder.

Which is the best way to take care of my swimsuit?

You can prevent your swimsuit from fading and this the best way to take care:

  • Handwashing is the best way, using cold water with a mild detergent can clean the fabric wonderfully. This will be gentle on fabric and help in retaining its original size also.

  • Machine wash can also be performed buy with few do’s and don’ts. Use cold water and choose the gentlest cycle, and place the swimsuit in a lingerie bag. The hooks should be fastened, so that they don’t get entangled with any other clothes.

Using dryer comes with a big no and this will damage the swimwear and will make the pieces weather quickly. Just hang them to dry for keeping them and their elasticity intact.

The Second Way

This can be an intimidating task, choosing the right type and style. We have tried to list down some preferences and this will surely help you to select the right type of swimsuit for you.

If you want full coverage

This traditional type of swimwear will be the most modest option you can go for. this type of a suit will cover your torso completely. Perfect for performing water exercises or aerobics, and taking swim laps, this will probably work in the best way.

If you want some daring ones then go for a one-piece swimsuit with a deep V-neck, a low back, single strapped one, or even without straps. Opting with a swimwear with side cut outs is also a great thing that will be appealing too.

The one-piece with low or a high back to flaunt can also be chosen by you. if you want to cover your hip and thighs then go for a dress instead.

Some go for it for modest reasons, some for religious, and some of them go for coverage to avoid much sunscreen.

If you are comfortable while baring your midsection

The bikinis are designed to show off the body and are daring too. They only cover your private parts and the midriff is completely visible. If you want to look sensual and believe in showing off then go for it!

You can purchase a set or go coordinate top and bottom to wear together. Even a high-waisted bottom with a top, strapless one will add all the look you want. A full coverage top with a boy short (low-rider) can also be considered.

Maybe you require different sizes for the top and the bottom, so the key rule is to buy them separately.

if you want a more modest one, opt for a two-piece

A tankini will provide a full coverage of the waist. If you want to show some amount of your skin that you are comfortable with then select accordingly. You can also select a loose-fitting top that can be draped over your belly.

For more coverage, you can buy a tankini top that can overlap your bottom. In case you want to show your

Waist and hips a bit then get a tankini that is above your belly button.

For Enhancing your small chest

Prints, bold colors, and ruffles along with padding can seriously accentuate your small bust and make it look fuller and admiring. Any swimsuit with extra elements should be adopted, if you want to draw attention to your chest.

If full-chested, get a supportive top

The straps and the cups should be checked by you to get a good support, and you can go for a halter, racerback, or the one with thick straps. Strapless suits and string bikinis should be avoided.

Dark colors to minimize and light colors to accent a body part

Dark colors can help in reducing the exaggerated body parts, while the light colors just accent your bust.

If you want to distract your hips

Bottoms with full-coverage should be opted and they work well to cover and hide the imperfections. If your hips are a real concern for you then opt for boy cut, shorts, sash, or skirted bottoms.

Selecting a high-quality suit

  • You should opt for a swimsuit that fits well and looks appealing. Don’t go for swimsuits that don’t fit properly and doesn’t let you breathe comfortably. Your comfort and confidence should be at to priority.

  • For ensuring the right fit, you should move around and carry out a variety of activities like squats, stretches, bending and more. This will make you decide that the item you are opting for is good or not.

  • The thickness of the swimsuit will help you know about the durability prior to your purchase. As thinner materials wear away quickly.

  • Checking from back by looking into the mirror is important, as it will help you see how it looks. If it is baggy or saggy then it does not have good quality material. If you are wearing a skirt bottom then pick the skirt up and check.

rosegal swimsuit review

Selecting the perfect shade

  • Ranging from printed ones to solid colors, the swims suits come in a wide variety. The color which matches your skin tone should be chosen. For romantic feel florals work great, for a vintage look a polka dot one is surely great.

  • Swimsuits feature built-in hardware too, so is you are looking for some fancy option then this is a great idea, as wearing jewellery comes with risks and discomfort while you are on a beach or in any inground or above ground pool.

  • On your way to pool or beach a good coverup also increases the elegance. You can complete your look with sandals, shades, and a hat and of course after applying the sunscreen on your tender skin.

swimsuits for all size chart

A few more tips

  • Go for a drag reducing material, this will take care of the longevity of your swim wear. Very bulky materials can increase the drag, and for a competitive swimmer then a material should be a dry-fit one with the least drag for the optimal performance.

  • We have talked about the nylon material swimsuits and the chlorine-resistant ones, and they are the best, light weight, durable, and fit wonderfully on your body. The chlorine-resistant feature keeps you safe from the ill-effects and odor of chlorine in the water.

What we have for you, nowhere else you will get!! Be confident and sensual in your bikini or a tankini!!!

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