Nothing Better Than Keeping Cool On A Hot Day

Nothing Better Than Keeping Cool On A Hot Day

Get The Perfect Guide Of Pool Equipments To Take Away All Your Pool Related Worries.


Gavin Novak

Hey, there, How is it going? I hope you are having the best time of your life. Cause I am. Well, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Gavin Novak, and I live in the beautiful town of Sacramento, California. I was the winner at River park’s 2007 and 2014 swimming championships.

I dedicated myself to learning everything about the pool and related equipment. I worked and assisted with many pool companies over the years. I realized that the whole pool industry does not have a standardized codebook or operating procedures. It makes the pool market for consumers and pool enthusiasts, pool owners, and even manufacturers challenging and confusing.

So I thought of working in this direction and providing real and reliable, informative stuff for the pool industry. I collaborated with many pool companies like Honeysuckle Nursery & Design, Wise Pool & Spa Service, Inc., Town & Country Pools, Inc., Subcomm Pools, Apex Custom Pools & Site Development, Stevenson Pools, Aqua Pools & Spas, Coastal Pools to name a few. With all that life experience for pools, I thought of sharing this with people like you who love pools, so that you can gain the most from my experience and get all the real-time knowledge about pools. So let’s dive in..

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Best Pool Floats For Adults

Pool floats bring out the kid in you and make the pool time even more fun. They not only provide zing to the pool party, but also ensure safety. Here is your guide to the best pool floats for adults.

Solar-Breeze NX Automatic Pool Skimmer Reviews

Best Automatic Pool Skimmers

If you want your pool to be clean, pristine and free from all the debris, then you need to choose the right and perfect pool skimmer for it. Here is a guide to help you out.

Best Pool Lounge

There is absolute bliss in sitting in your best pool lounge chairs after a refreshing swim. So here is a guide to find that perfect pool lounge chair that would give you that level of comfort and joy.

Best Pool Basketball Hoops

Pools are fun, pleasure. You can magnify all these when you add the excitement of basketball also to it. Here is your chance to add that craze to your pool with best pool basketball hoops.

Best Above Ground
Pool Vacuum

A clean pool is an owner’s delight, there is nothing more eye pleasing than a debri free swimming pool. This level of conditioning can be achieved by using best above ground pool vacuum. We bring the perfect guide to selecting one.

Quietest Pool

Pool pump is the heart of a swimming pool, a quietest pool pump is that we all need to enjoy the lovely swim in the pool without some noisy pump disturbing our swim and peace of mind. Here is your window to the quietest possible pool pumps.

Portable Pool

Nothing is more relaxing than swimming in warm waters. Cold water can reverse that whole experience. So by using portable pool heaters you can enjoy the serenity of swimming in the hot waters. Here is your key for finding the perfect pool heater .

Best Hard Plastic
Kiddie Pools

Kids love pools and they love the kiddies pools even more. Make their fairy tail dream come true by getting the best hard plastic kiddie pool and see the absolute bliss on their face. Guaranteed hugs additional. So here is a guide to your child’s happiness.

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